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I suffer from knee aches after an intense cycling
Cyclist: Jolien Venter, 2019 Bryanston
Customer Testimonial
I often suffer from knee aches after an intense cycling training session or race. I was introduced to the BIOPTRON Lamp which relieved my symptoms dramatically after only 8 minutes per knee. I was also suffering from a groin and hamstring injury. I used the lamp for a week on these areas…… it cleared the inflammation and I was injury free after one week!

I would definitely recommend the BIOPTRON Lamp for any sports related injury or aches and pains after racing or training session.
I have found this Bioptron light source to be beneficial in healing processes
Shanday Andrews, 2019, Jhb
Professional Testimonial
Due to my studies, I have found this Bioptron light source to be beneficial in healing processes.

My first patient has a skin condition on her hands and feet where the epithelial cells mutate as they regenerate, leaving a condition similar to Psoriasis in appearance. The light source, together with the topical prescribed, reduced the swelling, inflammation, and returned 60% of the tissue to normal. It was recommended that she bought her own light source to use indefinitely.

Patients treated for surgical scar reduction showed promoted healing with minimal scar tissue.

Stress Fracture, Pelvic Skeleton
 Mr. Hervé Banti, Monaco. Olympic Triathlete London Games 2012 and Ironman Competitor:
| 14/11/2013. MONACO |
 “I consulted sports physician Mr. VERTONGEN to assist my recovery of a stress fracture in the pelvic skeleton. He used BIOPTRON during ten sessions of 20 minutes (one session per day) together with manual “hands-on” treatment to treat the fracture. I am convinced that this natural medical light therapy treatment gave me relief from pain and accelerated the healing process much faster without anti-inflammatory medications. This all meant that I could restart my everyday training a lot quicker. I am now using BIOPTRON at home to prevent sports injuries”.
Swiss technology helps Hunter on road to recovery
by Wynand de Villiers, 10 January 2003
Customer Testimonial
Modern athletes leave no stone unturned on their Road to recovery from jury and South Africa’s Robert hunter is no exception.

Hunter broke his hand in a skirmish with motorist a week ago and had to undergo surgery on the hand for a plate to be inserted.

His hand is still heavily swollen, but with a new Swiss healing lamp he has acquired he is very happy with his progress on the road to full recovery.

“The lamp regenerates cells,” explains Hunter. “ I simply place it under the light for a while every day and it speeds up recovery.”...
 Johan VERTONGEN, Physical Therapist, President Royal Doctors Monaco and COO Royal Doctors International.
 “With more than 25 years experience in treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions including sports injuries, only with BIOPTRON, I have achieved excellent results in the treatment of many of my patients. The accelerated and complete wound healing effects of BIOPTRON Light Therapy is associated with immediate and effective pain relief by improving blood supply, relieving muscle spasm and reducing pain signals. BIOPTRON helps my patients to recover quickly and safely and to prevent recurrence or re-injury with lasting effect”.